Saturday, 9 January 2016

Cuckold Relationships / The Hot Wife

My latest short story (Pleasures Exotic - see previous post) sees a loving wife out on a hot date with an anonymous lover - yet she's not cheating. She's in a cuckold relationship with her husband where nothing turns him on more than knowing his woman is out 'being entertained' by another man.

This is a scenario played out in real life by many couples, one which brings them closer physically and emotionally and strengthens the intimacy and trust within their relationship - a concept which, no doubt, is difficult to comprehend by many.
The explicit website explains it as 'the loving violation of traditional marital expectations'. I love their definition, and the following explanation:

'Cuckolding is often seen from the outside as a kink founded in humiliation and inadequacy but the reality is far different for most couples actively involved in it.

Cuckolding takes the foundation of a stable, loving relationship and extends it to include one or more males who play a specific, sexual role within the marriage ...  for most, this is a loving way to expand the boundaries of their relationship and safely explore more aspects of human sexuality.'
This lifestyle is also called the Hot Wife Phenomenon. Men who are totally secure in their relationships, and trust their partner's commitment to that relationship, encourage their partner to have multiple sexual partners which in turn makes her more desirable and exciting to him.

Having a 'hot wife' is a popular, but not often spoken about, male fantasy but there are more 'hot wives/cuckold relationships out there than you might think.

I hope that through my short story (to be released as a stand-alone story next month) I can create an awareness and the beginning of an understanding of this lifestyle.

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